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  • Upholstery Cleaning

    Most of services strive well when it comes to cleaning simple furniture, but they tend to shy away when challenged with complex designs. We pride ourselves with that which they shy away from, as a matter of fact we declare that our cup of tea. We deal with cleaning a whole range of furniture, from cleaning sofas, leather furniture, to cleaning recliners and arm chairs.
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Our tile and grout cleaning service technicians are trained and experienced in providing thorough cleaning of all tile and grout types. We use only the cleaning methods that are recommended by ceramic, porcelain, quarry, terra cotta, terrazzo and agglomerate tile manufacturers. Therefore, our cleaning methods ensure that we are protecting the life span and structural integrity of your tile and grout. Some of our customers have learned the hard way when attempting to perform tile and grout cleaning themselves, and have caused more harm than good to their tile floors and walls by using chemicals and cleaning methods that are too harsh for the type of tile and grout. Or, they have used a cleaning product with bleach in it on colored grout, and have discolored the grout.
  • Water Damage Restoration - Carpet Drying

    Carpet is one of the most common things that can become damaged by water. Many people are not aware that they have any recourse other than replacing the carpet. However, Gentle Touch Carpet Cleaning can offer other options. They can extract the excess water and provide a thorough cleaning that will remove any mildew and mold that might have accumulated. When they are finished, your carpet will look like new.
  • Area Rug Cleaning Services

    At our state of the art facility, we incorporate the latest in cleaning technology as well as cleaning processes used going back thousands of years by the weavers that originally created these works of art. Our services include cleaning, restoration and repairs of all area rugs and tapestries.

    Our area rug cleaning process has given us a reputation from our loyal customers over the many years. We use a process that has stood through the test of time. Using the gentlest yet effective techniques along with skill and experience to rid your rugs of soil, dirt and odor.